Fab Fast Makeup: Get the Look

Let’s face it: we all want to look like a million bucks, but may not always have the time or the funds to do so. As a part of my job, I’ve gotten my makeup done by some of the best in the biz, and have learned easy tricks of the trade which I’m sharing with you. Who says we can’t all look fab on the fast – even when we are our own glam squad.

Step 1:

Repeat after me: concealer is your friend. I actually use two. I start with CoverGirl’s the de-puffer. Let it dry and then layer on Nars’ radiant creamy concealer.

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Ten Minute Makeup

Step 2:

I splurge on foundation and love Giorgio Armani’s luminous silk. It gives your skin a beautiful, refreshed glow.

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Step 3:

Use that eyebrow pencil. I actually like a variety of pencils, but opted for Benefit’s instant brow for this shoot. Fill your brows in by using short, light strokes going in the same direction and your hair growth pattern. Finish them off by using the pencil brush to make the brows look more natural.

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Step 4:

Pat on eyeshadow. You can use a brush to apply or your fingers (reminder: wash hands thoroughly). I love all kinds of shadows, so use whatever you love. For this shoot, I used a color from Guerlain’s palette terracotta bayadere. This palette is worth the investment because it also includes bronzer and a highlighter.

Get the Look:

Step 5:

Liquid liner for a cat-eye. Use the liner to make pointed tips on the outer part of your eyelid, then work to fill in the liner towards the inner lid. I perfect liquid pencils such as Milani’s eye tech extreme because the pencil is easy to control. Take 30 seconds to let it dry.

Get the Look:

Step 6:

Fake it till you make it with fake lashes. For an affordable option, go with Ardell. If you want to splurge I recommend Battington silk lashes. Cut the lashes to the length of your eye. Use tweezers to hold the lashes and apply lash glue to the base. Next use those tweezers to get the strip right against the base of your eyelid. Let dry for about 20 seconds and repeat on the other eye. Don’t throw away the lashes! You can wash them off and reuse several times. Once dry, finish them off by applying mascara to blend your natural lashes with the fake.

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Step 7:

Get your contour on. Use bronzer on your checks and down the sides of your nose. Highlight the middle of your nose by using an illuminator. I used the highlighter and bronzer from my Guerlain kit.

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Step 8:

Last but not least, apply your favorite lipstick or gloss. If I want to really make a statement, I’ll go for a serious pop of color. Milani has awesome budget-friendly options.

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