Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Space

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your place look like a million bucks. Weaving in pops of color, flowers, candles and personalized pieces are easy ways to create a unique and beautiful home.


Back in the day, I had this grand idea that I would always keep fresh flowers in my home. Cut to reality – it seems impossible to make that happen. My sister is an interior decorator and taught me it’s perfectly fine to mix in fake flowers with real ones. So now, I keep a mixture, as well as have some bamboo plants, which are easy to take care of. This greenergy and flowers warm up my space perfectly.


I have mirrors all over my house because they open up the space. Even the largest apartment in New York City seems small compared to apartments in the rest of America. I’ve learned to utilize every trick in the book to make my place look bigger.


Books As Decor

Coffee table books are not just for reading. I love how the contrasting colors and designs look when you stack the books on top of each other. They are a great investment since you will have them for years.

Pops Of Color: Keep It Consistent

I love grey/silver because I find it classy and calming: my couch, side chair, sheets and comforter are all grey. Once you mix in all of my mirrored furniture, well it could have made for a calm, but boring palate. To get out of the grey zone, I accented with bright colors in smaller pieces like these stackable jewelry boxes.

Get the Look:


Candles not only look beautiful, but also create a relaxing fragrant atmosphere. I love Jonathan Adler’s because you can reuse the casing. Aquiesse also makes yummy candles and is one of my go-to brands.

Get the Look: Jonathan Adler candle: Aquiesse candles:

The Big Dog

I’ll admit, I’m obsessed with my Boston Terrier, Beckham. I have his little face on items in my house like these cute treys that add a pop of color.

Get the Look: HERE OR for a chic and fun shape jewelry tray: CLICK HERE