Quick Fixes: Tricks of the Trade

I’m all for body positivity and try not to judge myself (let alone anyone else) harshly when it comes to appearance. Most of us are doing our best. Still, there are days where I know my hair just isn’t on point, or if I’m going to wear a certain skirt, I should probably cover all of the scars on my legs. In this pic above, I used tricks of the trade to camouflage what I wasn’t so secure about that day, and somehow felt confident enough to rock a bikini! I’m athletic, but bruise easily, so there’s a constant rotation of scars on my legs. My stomach bloats at the drop of a carb. My hair literally does what it wants to do . . . insert scarves, hats and flowers crowns to help me when my hair isn’t playing nice.  Smarter not harder is my beauty and fashion motto. Here are a few simple tricks of the trade you can use on days where you need a quick fix!


My hair is under constant attack, by me. From chemicals and at times, weaves, I don’t blame my hair when it rebels. To top that off (pun intended), I put my hair under extra stress having to use heat on it daily because of filming for my jobs. There are times when I put less stress on my locks, or maybe my hair is telling me it needs a rest (a few gym sessions and it’s a wrap). I’ll just throw on a stylish hat, turban, scarf, beanie and on special occasions, a floral crown. These options range in price. It’s a fun process to find out what flatters your face and style. Click on this article from PureWow where they teamed up with Finery to showcase my hat style and give you tips on how to develop your own. 



A) Yes, black people like to tan (if you read this blog regularly, you know I’m not PC, so I’m not saying ALL black people enjoy tanning, just saying my friends and I do). B) I actually use self-tanner to cover my scars. It’s an industry trick!! Admittedly name-dropping; I once had a conversation with Heidi Klum about our shared usage of Sally Hansen’s airbrush leg makeup. Even if you are like Heidi and don’t have scars, or maybe you are like me and bruise easily, the leg makeup (which is essentially a tanner that comes in various shades), gives your skin a beautiful smooth glow. I prefer the lotion version over the spray option. Warning, you must let it dry fully because if not, you will have tanner rubbing off on everything.


I’m a red carpet queen! I’m covered and walked on too many to count. Often times when I’m working, I’m holding a microphone where the camera shows my nails. I LOVE doing my own nails (I promise, I can do really cool nail art), but don’t always have time to let them dry properly. When I get them done or do them myself, of course, they chip within a couple of days. Gel manicures are a beautiful option for longer wear, but when you want to have some fun and create a quick beautiful mani look, go for press ons. I know some of you are thinking, you would never . . . My girl Giuliana Rancic taught me this trick years ago (G-Money, I hope you don’t mind me sharing this trick of the trade :-), and I’ve never looked back. I LOVE press on as an option when you just don’t have a lot of time. Bonus, they are also cheaper than a mani. Love and appreciate your manicurist. Take care of your nails, but use this as an option for a quickie fix. 


Many celebs have spoken about this, so maybe it’s not an industry secret, but it’s certainly a trick of the trade. It’s also a reminder, when in doubt, double Spanx it out!! I have friends who say they find Spanx difficult to put on. I don’t. My problem area since I was a youngster is my midsection. Anything bloats me. Some days, a lady just needs extra tightening. Two pairs of Spanx for the win.