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International Podcast Day is all about celebrating standout podcasts and the technology that makes them possible. Our beauty writer, Mabel Martinez, my good friend Alana Salata and I share some of our favorites with you:

Mabel Martinez’s Picks . . . 

2 Dope Queens I can’t get enough of this podcast! Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are hilarious. This is a comedy show where they talk about everything from race, relationships, sex, life in New York City and they have guests on the show that share their stories. Phoebe and Jessica have an interesting point of view but they’re also very relatable. I was immediately hooked after listening to “How to Channel Your Inner White Lady.” You’ll laugh out loud with this one. They even have celebrity guests on the show and you can see them for a live taping on October 23 – October 25 at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn. They’re filming the show for their HBO special series out next year!

The Beauty Brains If you’re as beauty-obsessed as I am, you need to tune into The Beauty Brains. It’s a podcast created by real life professional cosmetic scientists. Yes, you read that right! Randy Schueller and Perry Romanowski answer questions submitted by listeners and they discuss beauty trends, ingredients and debunk advertising claims. Topics range from “Are beauty products from Amazon the real thing? and “Why isn’t everyone exfoliating with AHAs?” This podcast is not only informative, but Randy and Perry make it very entertaining as you learn about the products and those hard to read label of ingredients.

Alana Salata’s Picks . . .
Death, Sex and Money is one of those podcasts I look forward to every week. They talk about . . . you guessed it, death, sex and money. They have real people, and celebrities discuss the most vulnerable issues people face daily. The interviews are not only fascinating but spot on.
I have listened to several murder mystery podcasts, including Serial, but none of them have done what Up and Vanished has done. In the middle of their 1st season, there was an arrest made in that particular case, which threw the whole podcast down a different path. This podcast actually helped evolve the case right before your “ears.” They will take on another case in the 2nd season, coming soon.
I recently discovered that Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday is now a podcast and I couldn’t be happier. They have literally taken the 60 min show and transferred it to a 30-45 min podcast. I listen to these on my way to work for a dose of inspiration to start my day!
My Picks . . .
Credit: Essence

Yes, Girl! by Essence Magazine You will leave each episode of this podcast feeling: inspired, introspective and educated about topics ranging from sex to love to money. Essence staffers Cori Murray and Yolanda Sangweni, plus the love expert Charli Penn are funny, know their stuff and honest. It doesn’t hurt when their celebrity guests such as Halle Berry and Mary J Blige stop by to get in on the convo. Black Girl Magic at its best.


Lady Lovin’ Rarely have I enjoyed being a guest on a show as much as I did when I spent time talking relationships on Lady Lovin’. Lo Bosworth, Jilly Hendrix and Greta Titelman go there: from breakups to female hygiene to money to politics, these ladies each have a distinct point of view and are all about female empowerment.