Question: Women just adore running around in stilettos and skintight dresses while at work & play, right?

Answer: Of course we do . . . um, yeah, sure.

Now, let’s deal with reality. Most of us want to feel effortless, chic and comfortable. Eva Longoria’s Spring collection, which debuted during New York Fashion Week (at the Kia Style 360 venue), was inspired by those needs.

“We’re opening the show with #SETLIFE which is athleisure,” Longoria explained. “It was born from my life as I transitioned (from acting) to being a director and producer. I wasn’t in hair and makeup daily, but I still wanted to look good.”

Models worked the runway showcasing a variety of #SETLIFE pieces including fashionable sweatshirts (hooded, short-sleeved, mock neck), sweatpants (ribbed, silver trim detailed, ankle zippers) and shirts.

The show then transitioned to another component, the Eva Longoria Collection . . . jumpsuits, wide leg pants, jeans, dresses and blouses (plus many more).

After, I went backstage to congratulate Eva and just give her love. As we were catching up, photos were being taken of us – no biggie. I instinctively squatted down so I didn’t tower over her in the pictures (she’s 5’ 2”  – I’m 5’ 7”, but I had on 7” shoes).

Eva grabbed my arm (gently, in a caring way), and lifted it up. My body automatically reacted causing me to straighten to my full height. I still didn’t “get it,” because I had no idea I was squatting down. It was just a natural reaction. I LOVE what she told me and it’s a lesson I will carry with me: never change a thing about yourself because society says you should. We then spoke about the importance of embracing ourselves exactly as we were made. She doesn’t need to try to look taller because I’m tall, and I don’t need to look shorter. I guess society taught me certain things look better in photos. Screw that!!

The point in sharing that story is because it truly speaks to what Eva’s line represents, her character and the spirit she created it in: affordable, fashionable, chic, comfortable, a celebration of our different body types, and above all, wanting women to feel that much more badass and powerful in them.

“I definitely use all the tools and skills that I’ve always used really as a boss lady,” Eva said. “I think every woman can multitask, can do it all and make things happen.”


Amen sista’ – Fashion with intention is something I will always support. A true welcome, fresh addition to NYFW.