Adriana Lima’s Mission to Find The “American Beauty Star”

Adriana Lima has experienced it all during her rise to the top of the fashion industry. Now she’s sharing her knowledge, and helping shine a spotlight on emerging talent with her new show, “American Beauty Star.”

Lima serves as host and executive producer of the reality show which features hair and makeup gurus who are looking for their big break. During the 10-episode series, they compete in a variety of challenges to see who has what it takes to be named THE “American Beauty Star.”

                    Being silly, getting our “prom pose” on.

Lima, “loved the experience. It was the easiest job I’ve had in my life,” she said, later adding, “Everyone had great chemistry. It was fun, behind-the-scenes as well. The cameraperson, the ones who did the set. We became a family.”

So, what does it take to separate yourself from the competition in Lima’s eyes? “I look for timeless inspiration,” she explained.

Photographer Russell James and Vogue’s former beauty editor, Sarah Brown, serve as judges, along with a slew of celebrity guest judges (including Camila Alves, Michelle Williams and Michelle Phan).

Lima with Russell James

“Her enthusiasm for this show is what affected all of us,” Russell said about his decision to join “ABS”. “It’s certainly what affected me. When you’ve done as much as Adrianna has. . . . Adriana said just be yourself. Just tell the truth.”

Sir John, Elizabeth Wagmeister and Jonna Piira 

Makeup artist Sir John mentors the contestants. “It’s not just about you as a hairstylist or a makeup artist,” he explained. “It’s about being a team player and also humility. Humility goes a long way.”

“I became really invested in these people and I wasn’t expecting that,” Brown said. “I thought this was a job and it became more than a job.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

“American Beauty Star” premieres Thursday, Sept 21st, on Lifetime.