The Gold Standard

Pat McGrath has played many roles during her 25-year career: makeup artist, mentor, designer and muse. Now in addition to being recently named as British Vogue’s Beauty Editor-at-Large, McGrath is further expanding her brand by releasing a complete cosmetics line. She teased her millions of social media followers in the past by with limited edition PAT McGRATH LABS items. Very few were lucky enough to score the coveted products which sold out in minutes.

The new collection, set to be released in September (followed by the release of additional products in October), is the first time McGrath has created a full line which includes eye palettes, lip and eye pencils, mascara and in what might be most lusted after by of all to her loyal followers, lipsticks.

So why did the ever-busy artist decide to do a full line now?  “I’ve made so many connections. I wanted it to be at the right time. Everyone has gone beyond the point of obsession with makeup,” McGrath said, adding, “I felt like this was my time. It didn’t feel like a hard sell.”

During a celebration for PMG Labs, McGrath happily showcased her collections, encouraged guests to feel the textures of the makeup, answered questions about her storied career and actually applied makeup to a lucky few of us.

“It’s all about the gold standard. I’m obsessed with gold,” McGrath explained.

McGrath says the line is, “a labor of love.” It’s clear how much she is loved, and shows the love back to others in the fashion and beauty community. My makeup artist, Shar Sinclair attended the party with me. She assisted McGrath in the early 90s when they worked on Kate Moss for the Calvin Klein campaigns.

As soon as McGrath spotted Sinclair, a huge smile spread across her face and she said, “Oh, it’s you!” As I watched the two artists hug and celebrate McGrath’s latest achievements, I couldn’t help but to love the line that much more. A labor of love indeed.