Like a Boss: Amanda Kloots’ Unique Workout Methods

Let’s get this party started, literally. Exercising with Amanda Kloots feels like a celebration, and that’s the way she likes it. The former Radio City Rockette and Broadway dancer created “The Rope” and “The Dance” classes which are the talk of the town — that town being New York City, of course — because of their creativity, calorie burning impact and the fact that Amanda’s classes make exercising, dare I write it . . . fun!!

I caught up with Amanda when she helped launch the Red Bull Summer Edition Grapefruit Twist on Summer Solstice (at the Arlo). We discussed how she discovered the perfect workout tool and what it’s like to have your cake and eat it too. Did I mention Amanda is also a dessert blogger? She proves with a little imagination and lots of motivation, some women can have it all.

Q. When did you pick up the jump rope and realize it makes for the perfect workout partner?
A. I read an article a few years ago on the jump rope and how it burns more calories than running and swimming, so I decided to start jumping! I don’t like running or swimming for a workout but I have always loved jumping rope. As I was jumping I started to realize this piece of exercise equipment could be used for so much more. I created unique toning moves so that you would not have to put the rope down!

Q. What areas of the body does jumping rope tone?
A. Try to name one it doesn’t tone! Jumping rope tones your entire body from your calves to your shoulders!

Q. You were a Rockette. How does that training influence the type of program you’ve put together for the workout?
A. I was a Rockette and danced on Broadway for 15 years! Being a professional dancer influenced a lot of my workout methods. I like to choreograph moves to the music so that you feel like it’s a dance. I like to use your own body weight in toning moves, just like a dancer. I encourage clients to put their brain to their body, make that connection and FOCUS on what and why you are doing — when working out. Dancers are always thinking when they are dancing, trying to use their body in every way possible. It’s what makes you strong.

Q. What are some other workout tips you can share?
A. Get enough sleep! Be aware of your body and focus on good form and doing things right every time! Don’t cheat ever! Eat a healthy diet because unfortunately it’s 80 percent of staying fit! Try new things and don’t be afraid if you aren’t great at something first. I always say you would never expect to go to a yoga class and do a handstand right away! Don’t expect to be the best jump roper or dancer….practice makes perfect!

Q. You have a sweet tooth. What is your go-to dessert?
A. ICE CREAM! Ample Hills Creamery is the best!

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Photo Credit: Zach Hertick