Open House: Your Guide to Chic Living

I consider fashion to be my fabulous party friend, while interior design is my chic, friendly overachieving neighborhood host with the most. In fact, my career is centered around covering my passions: culture, art, beauty, fashion, charity, travel, architecture and design.

Who says you can’t have it all? I have the pleasure of hosting “Open House” while Sara Gore is away taking care of the newest addition to her family (congrats)! The show is your guide to the best: designs, renovation tips, top real estate on the market, plus we take you inside one-of-a-kind dwellings from coast to coast. All of my passions combined equals dream assignments!

My jaw literally hit the floor when I entered this duplex featuring 22-foot ceilings. It also boasts a private terrace which is big enough to be its own apartment. Everywhere we looked, there was something interesting to be found. For example, when I mentioned to the homeowner, JoJo, who is also a designer, we loved her ottomans, she told us she had them made from the leather interior from Bentleys!! How cool is that? Plus, I noticed I have a lot of the same Missoni pieces she has in her home, so I felt right at home. If only I had $5.29 million, the place would be all mine 🙂 or yours. It’s for sale.

“Open House” also gives love to Cali and fab homes all over the country, but this New York City woman couldn’t help but to fall in love with a spectacular West Village townhouse. There are outdoor spaces, marble fireplaces and in case you need to really get away from it all, just enjoy one of the five bedrooms on the property. I felt very, “Sex and City,” as in: I totally thought I would be living like this when I moved to NY. Well, at least I get to indulge my design fantasies! Anyone want to let me “borrow” $15.5 million to call this beauty home?

“Open House” has a cult following (yours truly has been a fan for years). Now having the pleasure of working with them, I’ve experienced firsthand why the show is a success. Their team, from the most senior level staff to the interns, are treated with respect and enjoy what they do. That is how you create TV gold.

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